Raffle draw is held by Canada Lottery throughout the country

Canada lottery

Provincial lotteries in Canada offer Millionaire Life or Vie De Millionaire to the country’s lottery players which is a raffle draw game. The game is offered in the month of March every year. This year’s drawing was held on Thursday, 31st March at 21:00 hrs Eastern Time.

The game offers prizes ranging from a meager amount of $20 to the life changing amount of $1 million every year for 25 year or a one time payment of $17 million in cash. This year the top prize ticket was sold in Quebec. Raffle tickets went on sale on 1st March at a price of $5 for one selection, $10 for 3 & $20 for 7 selections respectively. Only players who bought their raffle tickets within March 17th were eligible to win one of the 17 Early Bird Bonus Prizes which was a stunning Chevrolet Camaro valued at $40,000. The Early Bird drawings were conducted just after the main drawings on Thursday.
The complete list of prizes includes:

• The highest prize of $1 million per year for 25 years or $17million in cash at one time.
• $1000 for matching the first six digits of the top prize number.
• 76,485 prizes of $20 for matching the last two digits of the top prize number.
• 31 Chevrolet Equinox values at $40,000.
• 17 Chevrolet Camaro valued at $40,000.

So if you are one of the luckiest lottery winners of this draw then all we can say is that be happy & spend the money wisely.


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