Saturday night lottery draws announce new Powerball jackpot up for grabs


Friday night’s Euromillions jackpot winner who will take home £148 million definitely set the standard for the Saturday night lottery draws. Although Friday nights Euromillions jackpot winner will take home 13 million less than the last highest jackpot winner, the celebration mood is still high in Britain.

Not only lottery players are celebrating, but the national lottery officials as well since the country benefits every time a winner comes from the UK. Anticipation of the same winning spirit cutting across all the other lottery games was fever high. Lottery ticket sales picked up and lottery players were all glued to seats hopping to hear their numbers called out. So much so for the Powerball draw that has a top prize of $253 Million.

The number five seemed to come up on Saturday a few times. Why do I say this? Although no one won the Powerball top prize five lucky players managed to match five numbers without the Powerball. This made them all millionaires. This means that the next Powerball draw will now be worth 305 million dollars for the top prize winner.

The UK lotto also saw five lucky ticket holders match all six numbers to share the £3million that was up for grabs and each of them will take home slightly over £700,000 as winnings. This is not a million be a welcome relief for any lottery player.

If this last week is anything to go by, then good tidings are in store for lottery players. Don’t forget to buy your tickets and be part of the game.


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