Search continues for €500000 Lotto winner

Euromillions lotto

Most players are at the edge of their seats when the lottery draw begins and couldn’t wait a second more to find out if they’ve won anything. Others are taking their time and only check the winning numbers the following day, but very few are so careless as to ignore the draw altogether. This is why everyone is so surprised that the €500,000 Galway Euromillions winner hasn’t surfaced yet to claim his prize.

€500,000 waiting for their new owners

Unless they lose the ticket or something bad happens to them and causes them to forget about the draw, human curiosity does the job. With the amount being as high as it is, people are already asking questions and the employers at Happy Days newsagent in the Galway Shopping Centre where the ticket was sold, are equally puzzled. Their display is somewhat amusing but it reflects the thoughts that are running through many people’s minds and they won’t go away until the winner steps forward to claim the prize.

What they don’t know is the exact time when the lucky ticket was bought and the National Lottery was right not to divulge this information. The reason is that by doing so they would have made it possible for the employers or owner to watch the CCTV recordings and discover the identity of the winner. With over one hundred tickets sold that day, it is impossible to determine with pinpoint accuracy when the winning one was acquired. A little mystery doesn’t hurt, although the National Lottery strongly advices the winner to sign the ticket and cash it as soon as possible.

National lottery officials are not impressed

Among those who are less impressed about the entire ordeal are the National lottery representatives who say that these cases are not as rare as people might think. They are confident that the lucky winner is aware of what happened but simply takes his or her time, and will come forward when the time is right. Speaking of which, the ticket will only expire in 90 days after the draw, so with almost three months until the winning ticket is rendered useless, its owner is not in a hurry.

The reason that can lead to such a decision are diverse and range from school or job commitments to the sheer inability of traveling to Dublin to claim the prize. Other might even intend to deliberately wait a while before everything blows over, but in this particular case it is highly unlikely that the media will give the story up. Regardless of what reason might drive the winner, he is expected to come in sooner or later because a sum as large as €500,000 is not to be forsaken no matter how busy one’s schedule might be.


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