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Arkansas general lottery news

In Arkansas the official lottery has been named as Arkansas Scholarship Lottery reports the Arkansas Lottery News. Lotteries were not permitted in Arkansas till 2008, then a popular referendum legalized the lotteries. In Arkansas only citizens above the age of eighteen are allowed to participate in the lotteries. The Arkansas Lottery News reports that there […]

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The UK National Lottery has created 2500 new millionaires in the UK

The National Lottery News has discovered that although Lotto is the brand name of the lottery in the UK people still prefer to call it the National Lottery. The new name Lotto was adopted to stem falling sales and refurbish the image of the National Lottery. The attempt has obviously succeeded because lotteries are doing […]

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Revenue goes towards education in the state of New York

Money spent on education is the best investment and New York Lottery seems to believe in this truth. The recent New York lottery news is that a huge sum of money raised by New York lottery is utilized to support education. The New York lottery news statistics show that more than $39 billion are used […]

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