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Arkansas Lottery

In Arkansas the official lottery has been named as Arkansas Scholarship Lottery reports the Arkansas Lottery News. Lotteries were not permitted in Arkansas till 2008, then a popular referendum legalized the lotteries. In Arkansas only citizens above the age of eighteen are allowed to participate in the lotteries. The Arkansas Lottery News reports that there are many other lotteries in Arkansas but the biggest are the interstate lotteries Mega Millions and Powerball. In the instant category people can buy scratch coupons and get prizes on the spot if they win.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery uses the Random Number Generation (RNG) system to generate winning numbers for its official lotteries. It is reported in the Arkansas Lottery News that every instant variety of the lottery in Arkansas qualifies automatically for the

Play It Again bumper. The giant lotteries which are played in many jurisdictions are Mega Millions and Powerball. Mega Millions is played in 43 jurisdictions and Powerball is played in 44 jurisdictions. The results of both are taken out of the state in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida. Arkansas Lottery News reports that the jackpot in both these lotteries is very high. Mega Million has paid out a cash jackpot of 240 million dollars. Powerball has paid out a lump sum of 170 million dollars to a winner after deducting taxes, although the original figure before taxes was 315 million dollars. Arkansas might have come late on the scene of lottery sales, but it is fast catching up with all the other states of the United States of America reports Arkansas Lottery News.


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