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Arkansas Lottery News – Million Dollar Raffle

The Arkansas Lottery News has declared that 1,000 tickets were sold every hour for the Million Dollar Raffle, which ultimately sold 500,000 tickets till Wednesday night. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery announced the two winning numbers. The winning tickets worth $1 million were sold in Batesville and Hot Springs confirmed Arkansas Lottery News. Provision has been […]

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Raffle draw is held by Canada Lottery throughout the country

Provincial lotteries in Canada offer Millionaire Life or Vie De Millionaire to the country’s lottery players which is a raffle draw game. The game is offered in the month of March every year. This year’s drawing was held on Thursday, 31st March at 21:00 hrs Eastern Time. The game offers prizes ranging from a meager […]

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$30,000 lottery ticket found in the church collection plate

A Maryland Lottery Cash Craze Crossword Scratch-off ticket worth $30,000 was found in the collection plate of a church in Baltimore. The ticket was found by the church’s pastor when he was counting the day’s donations. The card was found already scratched revealing the wining number. It is said the church was going through some […]

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Luckiest lady in the world, winning major lottery prize four times!

World Lottery News has discovered the luckiest lady in the world is Joan Ginther. She has won a major lottery prize four times. The chances of that happening to anyone else in the world are one in 200 million. This Texas lady has won a total of 20 million dollars in prize money. Some guys […]

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The story about ‘albeny seven’ who won 319,000,000

The motto of the New York Lottery News is, ‘do not jump the queue,’ you might lose; hold your breath, 319 million dollars. This is the story of the ‘Albany Seven’. These are IT specialists who work together and made New York Lottery news by buying a lottery ticket. There group of twelve colleagues had […]

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Two lucky people who won the midweek Lotto Jackpot at UK lottery

The UK Lottery News this week is about two lucky people who won the midweek Lotto Jackpot. Some say it was a very small Jackpot but people in theUK Lottery News figure that a jackpot of 2.6 million is not actually an amount to be scoffed at. This means that the two lucky guys will […]

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