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USA Mega Millions winner offers generous present

Most lottery players are in a very generous mood at the time they purchase the tickets, and promise great things when asked what they plan on doing with potential payouts. In most cases, they don’t get to test their character because the lucky numbers will evade them but there are occasions when they match all […]

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Western Australian wins $22 million Oz Lotto jackpot

Lottery players in Western Australia were particularly lucky in August, as several big jackpots were awarded in the last couple of weeks. To top it off, another Oz Lotto jackpot was scooped by a player whose identity is yet unknown and for his achievement he was presented with a prize of $22 million. The third […]

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Mega Millions jackpot winners leave town

Whenever someone scoops the jackpot in a major lottery such as the Mega Millions or Powerball, the media goes to great lengths to find more about the winners. This time they will have a hard time in tracking down Karl Herker and Barbara Matta, as the two of them decided to leave town immediately after […]

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Golden Hill resident wins SuperLotto Plus jackpot worth $11 million

Now that the Powerball jackpot was finally won and three players shared $448 million before taxes, the enthusiasm for the aforementioned lottery is dwindling. Until the jackpot will be rolled over several times for another record amount to be up for grabs, lottery enthusiasts can rejoice knowing that one of their peers from Golden Hill […]

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$7.2 million Pick 6 lottery jackpot won by Sparta residents

These days everyone is thinking about the massive Powerball jackpot that will exceed $400 million, but there are other lottery jackpots worth talking about. Pick 6 lottery frequently makes millionaires, and although the prizes are rarely double digit ones, the happiness caused to players is just the same. The latest millionaires are Karen and Edward […]

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Woman wins TattsLotto twice by mistake

Perfect planning prevents pathetic performance, but not all mistakes have devastating effects, as one lucky woman from Melbourne can confirm. She’s a frequent TattsLotto player and she always plays the same numbers, as they have a special significance to her and her family. What usually happened is that the winner who chose to remain anonymous, […]

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Couple wins Atlantic lottery jackpot while on vacation

When most people return from a vacation, they are worried about what happens to them at the office and prepare for busy times. Add to this that the holiday is usually a costly affair and it is easy to understand why money is always of the essence in the first couple of weeks after the […]

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Irish player wins record EuroMillions jackpot

New regulations state that the EuroMillions jackpot gets capped at €190 million, but for 2 lucky winners from Belgium and Ireland this wasn’t necessary. They won the main prize before it hit the threshold and will split a total amount of €187 million. Lottery officials didn’t disclose the identity of either winners and refused to […]

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Cary Collings wins two scratch-off ticket in a day

Winning a scratch-off ticket is more likely than scooping the main prize in a regular lottery, but this doesn’t mean that players are favorites to walk away with money when buying them. What makes them so popular is the fact that only a couple of seconds after buying them, players find out whether they won […]

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Winner of a record Powerball jackpot identity revealed

Two weeks have passed since the largest Powerball jackpot was awarded and everyone was anxiously waiting for the winner to surface. It is now official that Gloria MacKenzie is the winner of a record Powerball jackpot worth $590.5 million, but very few details about the 84-year-old woman were made public. She tried to keep a […]

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