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Illinois Lottery Millionaire Raffle winning ticket claimed

One week ago when the Tribune printed an article about a winning lottery ticket that was about to go unclaimed, very few hoped for a favorable outcome. It happened so many times in the past for lottery winners to miss out on this unique opportunity, that the skeptics had plenty of arguments. The ticket would […]

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Hair stylists lottery group fights over lottery winning ticket

Another proof that lottery money doesn’t always bring happiness was recently served in Indianapolis where a lottery group made of hair stylists took their case to trial. What should have been a reason of joy and celebration turned into a vicious scandal, after a coworker refused to share the prize. She claimed that the winning […]

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The missing $1M lottery winner

There are people who couldn’t take advantage of a favorable situation even when all it takes is to extend their arms and grab the benefits. Lottery players are trying their entire lives to beat the odds and win the jackpot, but many of them only achieve mediocre results and fail in the long run. This […]

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One more lucky $1M lottery winner

Atlantic 49 doesn’t enjoy the same popularity of major lotteries such as the Powerball or Mega Millions, but it still makes millionaires on a weekly basis. Those who are regularly buying tickets are more than happy with the amounts offered as jackpots, and whenever someone wins the main prize the community rejoices. The latest lottery […]

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$1 Million Mega Millions reward after losing a job

Sometimes good things come in bunches, sometimes people go through hot and cold periods and have to settle for what they get. Most lottery players say when asked that if they were to win the jackpot, one of the first things that they would do is to quit their jobs. Since there are very few […]

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The wife of poisoned lottery winner is seeking truth

The tragic news of a Chicago lottery winner dying from cyanide poisoning is all over the news, but for his 32 years old wife, it is a very painful reality. Shabana Ansari said that she is ready to aid the investigation in every possible way and she will fully cooperate with the authorities in their […]

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Everything evens out for the Irish lottery winner

Joe Clarke’s life was hardly a joyride but it appears like he finally caught a lucky break and it is entirely up to him to make the most of this rare opportunity. He won £10.2m in the New Year Euromillions and can look forward with optimism because it is unlikely for this impressive amount to […]

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New Hampshire man wins Tri-State Megabucks jackpot by accident

Every time someone wins a big lottery jackpot, the community is very interested in the numbers he chose and whether he resorted to a lottery system or not. It comes as no surprise that when a New Hampshire man claimed to have won the lottery by accident, both the players and the media were drawn […]

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£64m lottery jackpot: last-ditch search for mystery winner

Unlikely as it might sound, someone who won a lottery jackpot worth of £63,837,543.60 in June, has failed to claim his reward. Since the deadline is Wednesday at 11 PM, this lucky millionaire has only a couple of hours left to receive the money that is rightfully his or hers. The authorities and lottery representatives […]

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Lottery players defeat the crisis with Spanish El Gordo

Any financial problems vanish immediately and definitively and when winning a lottery jackpot, especially when the main prize is as generous as the one offered by El Gordo. The Spanish lottery makes plenty of millionaires every year and the most important event is the Christmas draw which is the highlight of the week. For Spanish […]

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