Lottery players defeat the crisis with Spanish El Gordo

Spanish El Gordo

Any financial problems vanish immediately and definitively and when winning a lottery jackpot, especially when the main prize is as generous as the one offered by El Gordo. The Spanish lottery makes plenty of millionaires every year and the most important event is the Christmas draw which is the highlight of the week. For Spanish players, the dream of winning a huge amount of money can be translated into reality by matching the winning numbers. The most enthusiastic ones regard this as the ultimate solution of defeating the financial crisis that affects Spain as well as the rest of Europe.

A national event live on television

It is not only the regular players that regard this event as the best and sometimes only chance of becoming millionaires. The national television is sharing their enthusiasm and the event is broadcasted live every year for a couple of hours. In addition to the actual draw, the Spanish El Gordo is comprised of a nice variety of events that are supposed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The total prizes are expected to come close to 2.5 billion Euros, although they would be slightly lower than the 2011 jackpot.

Things are not looking too bright in Spain, where the economy is struggling and the government is encouraging austerity measures. Demonstrators rally in major cities and many are very displeased with the economic solutions, but are yet to express their discontent. In this climate of frustration and scarcity, it comes as no surprise that an increasingly high number of lottery players are putting all their hopes in this annual event.

200 years of Spanish El Gordo

Very few lotteries in Europe and around the globe can brag about having a tradition of 200 years, but Spanish El Gordo is one of them with the first draw ever held on December 22, 1812. The prizes were constantly on the rise except for a couple of years during the financial crisis caused by the end of the housing boom. Regardless of how the economy is faring, Spaniards are not willing to cut down on costs by not purchasing El Gordo lottery tickets.

In fact, exactly the opposite happens and during times of political and economical turmoil players tend to spend more money than usual on tickets. Some players confessed that they have spent hundreds of euros on tickets this year, although the average is slightly above 50 with a slight decrease from 2011. The crisis is rearing its ugly head even in lottery games, but players are unwilling to give up and put all their hopes it El Gordo. For some lucky few, this will be the end of their financial struggles.


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