Winner of a record Powerball jackpot identity revealed

Record Powerball jackpot

Two weeks have passed since the largest Powerball jackpot was awarded and everyone was anxiously waiting for the winner to surface. It is now official that Gloria MacKenzie is the winner of a record Powerball jackpot worth $590.5 million, but very few details about the 84-year-old woman were made public. She tried to keep a low profile and she chose not to attend a press conference held on Wednesday but Florida law dictates that the name of all major lottery winners needs to be disclosed.

Winner chooses $370 million lump payout

The overwhelming majority of lottery players chooses the lump payment, despite the fact that they will receive a smaller net amount than if they were to opt for the annuity. In this case it comes as no surprise that the winner of a record Powerball jackpot chose not to wait, as Gloria MacKenzie is 84 years old. After taxation she received $370.8 million so her four children and numerous grandchildren will be the indirect beneficiaries of this good fortune.

The elderly woman bought the winning ticket in a Publix supermarket, turning the otherwise quiet town of Zephyrhills into a volcano. Its residents were wondering whether a local was the winner of a record Powerball jackpot or if the ticket was purchased by someone passing by. Ms. MacKenzie didn’t tell anyone about the prize and her neighbors were shocked to discover that the quiet lady that kept to herself was the latest millionaire. It appears that a kind man who was waiting in queue for buying tickets allowed her to buy the ticket first, therefore changing her life and the lives of those close to her forever.

Winner of a record Powerball jackpot shrouded in mystery

Whenever someone wins the main prize in a prominent lottery such as the Powerball, the media and local community buzzes with enthusiasm and many speculations are made about how they will spend the money. In this case there are very few options for the 84-year-old Gloria, who remains shrouded in mystery and keeps her distance. The media failed to learn anything about her plans, but a fair assumption would be that she will give most of it to her children.

For the time being, the MacKenzie family is very concerned with maintaining their privacy and they refrain from making any comments or attending media conferences. Zephyrhills residents who know Gloria have very little to say about her either, but all of them agree that she’s a kind and polite woman who fully deserves to win. Neighbors speculate that the winner will choose to relocate, although statistics point out that elderly citizens prefer to limit themselves to some home improvements. Only time will tell whether the winner of a record Powerball jackpot will move out or will remain a part of the community.

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