$7.2 million Pick 6 lottery jackpot won by Sparta residents

Pick 6

These days everyone is thinking about the massive Powerball jackpot that will exceed $400 million, but there are other lottery jackpots worth talking about. Pick 6 lottery frequently makes millionaires, and although the prizes are rarely double digit ones, the happiness caused to players is just the same. The latest millionaires are Karen and Edward James who live in the city of Sparta and bought the winning ticket at a local Deli Works.

The nominal jackpot cut in half by the taxes

At least on paper, the jackpot stands at $10.5 million, but given the fact that they chose the lump payment instead of the annuity it was reduced to $7.2 million. Furthermore, after taxes the couple will only receive a bit over $5 million which represents 50% of the official jackpot figure. Even so, this is a hefty sum that will allow the Jameses to do whatever they like most in the upcoming weeks and they have a clear idea about how they intend to splash out.

They will take their kids to a cruise and although the destination was not disclosed, it is only fair to assume that they plan on traveling to some exotic country. They’ve won the lottery exactly one month ago after choosing 10 – 12 – 21 – 27 – 32 – 43, which proved to be the winning numbers. They are not exactly hardcore lottery players, but they always found the Pick 6 games attractive and didn’t mind spending a few dollars every now and then on lottery tickets.

A lucky day for the Deli Works manager

Obviously, the biggest winners of the day are Edward and Kevin James because they pocketed in excess of $5 million, but they were not the only ones to celebrate after the draw. Lottery officials disclosed the fact that the lucky couple purchased the ticket at a Deli Works in Jefferson and this means that the manager will also receive a bonus of $10,000. This is a standard lottery procedure and has nothing to do with the winners’ generosity, because this is the amount reserved for the business that sells a lucky ticket.

Another advantage is that the convenience store that sold the winning ticket will also receive a certified sign from the lottery commission. This kind of advertising helps the vendor increase the number of tickets it sells, because Pick 6 players are always attracted by stores that sold winners in the past. In this case, they have additional reasons to shop here for lottery tickets because three years ago Deli Works sold another ticket featuring the winning numbers. 25 other lottery players won in the second tier category and received $1800 as a result of matching 5 numbers, with the total number of winners exceeding 17,000.

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