Lucky Friday 13th for New York Lottery player

New York Lottery

The vast majority of those who win the New York Lottery are people who purchase tickets on a regular basis, which makes perfect sense. The only reasonable way of increasing your chances to win is by playing often, but then again there are exceptions to the rule. Julie Hemstreet is a shining example of why luck and inspiration pack such a powerful punch, as the Liberty worker decided to purchase a scratch off ticket. What makes this story even more exciting is the fact that she had this good feeling on the morning of Friday 13th and she became a millionaire soon after.

Millionaire swiftly retires

There are plenty of stories out there about lottery players who won a fortune but decided not to quit their job, at least not for a while. This is certainly not the case of Julie who quit the next Monday after winning $1 million in the New York Lottery. We can only assume that was not a dream job for her, or maybe she thought that with so much money in her bank account there is no point in going to work any longer. It all began with her spotting the Cash Blowout lottery ticket and feeling an irresistible urge to buy a slip.

New York Lottery representative Yolanda Vega was the one who handed her the huge check and reporters were quick to take plenty of photos capturing her success. Her story serves as a source of inspiration for other people who are not playing the lottery regularly, but think every now and then of buying tickets. Julie was taken by surprise and is now thinking about what to do with all this money, but she knows for a fact that she will have a good time with it before making any long-term plans.

Half a million dollars can buy freedom

Some think that money can’t buy happiness, but at least as far as Julie Hemstreet is concerned, winning the New York Lottery will change her life for the better. After taxes, she will collect $550,000 and this will buy her the freedom she longed for all these years, while working six days a week. It was not to walk in the park to look after handicapped Liberty clients for a quarter of a century and now that money is no longer on the essence, she can finally think about taking a long vacation.

Superstition didn’t play any part in the decision of purchasing a New York Lottery ticket and she couldn’t care less that it was Friday the 13th. She will buy a tractor with a fraction of this amount, and take some trips to St. Lawrence Seaway and South Carolina, but she has no intention of selling her home or relocating. All her friends and family are living in this part of the country and even though she is a millionaire now, this is not the kind of change that she finds acceptable.

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