Lucky lotto player Donald Cole on a winning streak

Lottery winner Donald Cole

Anyone who wins the lottery once is considered lucky but when someone wins the lottery twice then they are special. Donald Cole who prefers to be called Donnie is one such person. He has not only won $50,000 twice in a month but he had also survived a brain aneurysm in 1999. The odds of surviving an aneurysm are usually very slim. And so are the odds of hitting a jackpot in the lottery.

Donnie plays the lottery every day and buys his tickets from the same place. He goes in to buy a ticket in the morning and his wife buys hers in the evening. And she has won some prizes as well. In June, Donnie won $50,000/- on a $20 Big Money Mega Scratch off ticket and in July one day short of a month later he won another $50,000/- on a $20 Silver and Gold Scratch off card.

He said the first time he was really shocked and couldn’t believe his luck. He had to look at his tickets several times before it actually sunk in that he had really won. The second time though he just thought ok I did it again.

Donnie has made the shell gas station on Olney very famous and now everybody is flocking there to buy lottery tickets. And Donnie is somewhat of a celebrity at the store with copies of his winning ticket and cheque on display. Lottery players all want to know how many tickets he bought and how he scratches his tickets. The store owner has said ticket demand has actually risen after the Donnie’s winning tickets.


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