Arkansas Lottery News

Arkansas Lottery news

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The official lottery run by the government and is called the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, Lotteries in Arkansas are of very recent origin, It was only in 2008 that a popular vote decided to allow lotteries in Arkansas. The giant interstate lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions also operate in Arkansas.

Citizens above eighteen can play the lotteries in Arkansas. Arkansas Lottery uses a Random Number Generator method to generate winning lottery numbers.

Ticket sales in the state are rising and despite the late start Arkansas citizens are fast catching up with other states in the number of tickets sold and the number of jackpots claimed.

More about the Arkansas Lottery

The Arkansas Lottery has been officially named as an Arkansas Scholarship lottery. It is interesting to note that lotteries weren’t permitted in Arkansas till 2008 after which the system of lotteries was legalized. The biggest lotteries in Arkansas are the interstate Mega Million and Powerball lotteries. Any person who is above the age of eighteen is entitled to play the lottery. The Random Number Generator system is used to draw the winning numbers, thus ensuring fair play. Though Arkansas lotteries sprang up much later than their counterparts, they are catching up with lightning speed with the other states of USA.


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