Chilworth couple wins £1m in EuroMillions Raffle

EuroMillions Raffle

Stuart and Tina Bye can say goodbye to their financial struggles (pun intended) after winning £1m in the EuroMillions Raffle and £2.7 in the traditional lottery. They won both the petty amount and the huge jackpot the same day, with their satisfaction growing exponentially as the small prize was discovered first. What is certain is that the two of them no longer need to concern themselves with covering daily expenses and can push their business into overdrive without resorting to bank loans.

A stressful decade finally ends

The couple played the lottery for the last 10 years but with little success and over this decade they struggled with financial hardship. Stuart used to work in farming but was heavily hit by the dairy industry’s unexpected meltdown and the couple lost their house in the process. This was the beginning of a stressful period for the two of them as they had to move from one temporary home to the other until they were finally given the house they reside in.

At the time they won the EuroMillions Raffle, she was working as a machinist in Ripley and had a second job at The Ship while he struggled to keep a steady job. The Byes also have three children with the elder daughter Sammi being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease which translated into a series of expensive and painful treatments and surgeries. Despite all these difficulties, the couple thought about setting up a catering business to lay a solid foundation for a prosperous future. Now that they have won almost $2 million, they can easily translate those plans into reality.

Truly a good morning for the Byes

One can only imagine that it is very unpleasant to wake up at 3 AM in the morning to go to work, but Mr. Bye will forever remember that faithful morning with pleasure. He was getting ready for work when his wife discovered that they won £2.70 in the lottery and that was reason enough to celebrate. It goes without saying that when Tina realized that they were the latest EuroMillions Raffle millionaires she was over the moon. The same applies to Stuart who woke up to what can easily be regarded as the end of their struggles, after a decade of disappointments.

Many people are overwhelmed by winning the lottery and especially those who encountered financial hardships are tempted to splash out. The Byes told the media that this won’t happen to them despite the fact that this is truly a life-changing amount for the family. They can now afford to go on holidays every now and then, but their concern is to invest the cash in something lucrative, such as the catering business.

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