Macon County man wins $1 million in NC Education lottery

NC Education Lottery

A real estate broker, named Brian Rowland, from Franklin in Macon County has won a million dollars playing the North Carolina Education lottery’s new Red Hot Millions game. Rowland won the amount just three days after the NC lottery threw open this instant game to the public. The $10 game show now has five of the six $1 million top prizes to be claimed.

Rowland runs a real estate company named Mountain Pro Real Estate in Franklin. He said he plans to use the winning amount for his family including paying off bills & mortgages & saving some of the amount for the college of his two beautiful daughters. The winning amount will help him pay some of the medical bills he had incurred in the past few years when his wife was suffering from breast cancer. She has recovered now. But Rowland still owes the hospitals some money which he would pay off with the help of this winning. The ticket which helped Rowland win the big prize was purchased at Dowdle Mountain Pit Shop at the Dowdle Mountain Road in Franklin.

Earlier this year, another group of 10 players who called themselves “Sunset Restaurant Lottery Group” had won $250,000 in a Mega Millions draw. Seems Franklin is fast turning out to be the place for lottery winners.

The Red Hot Millions game of NC lottery for the first time gives players the option to choose between a 20 year annuity prize or take a discounted lump sum amount.

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