Winning Spanish lottery ticket lost in the outlet

Spanish lottery

Whenever a winning lottery ticket is about to expire, both the media and lottery officials do their best to find the winner. What happens in most cases is that these people completely forget to check the numbers and as a result they have no idea of winning. They fail to claim the prize in time and it expires, with the money being returned to the lottery which decides whether it will roll it over to fuel the next jackpot or donate it to good causes. This is what might happen to the Spanish lottery ticket which was lost in the same outlet where its owner purchased it, more than a year ago.

Time is running out for lottery winner

In June 2012, a lottery player in the Spanish city of La Coruna purchased the ticket for the Spanish lottery and lost it in the shop. Someone found it and brought it to the outlet manager, who in turn informed the authorities and waited for the rightful owner to step forward. A couple of days later, this ticket was declared winner of the €4.7 million jackpot, yet for more than a year nobody claimed the prize and lottery officials are still waiting.

The city statutes say that the officials are responsible for safeguarding any lost tickets and they need to do everything in their power to find the rightful winner. This is exactly what the authorities are doing, hoping that the one who won the Spanish lottery in June 2012 will be found. Official websites and media channels are flooded with official notices and additional information, in an attempt of finding the winner before the ticket expires.

Fortune seekers and scammers beware

The mayor of La Coruna jokingly said that he is the only public servant in this position to be looking for millionaires with the intention of giving the money instead of asking for cash. What makes the situation even more interesting is the fact that so far nobody claimed the ticket, despite the stakes being so high. One reason for why nobody tried to deceive the authorities and claimed the winning Spanish lottery ticket for themselves is that they would have to prove that they are the rightful owners.

When claiming the ticket, one would have to know where it was purchased and plenty of other details that only the true owner could know. Obviously, lottery officials didn’t reveal this type of information, so that they could easily determine whether the one claiming the money are telling the truth or not. It would help a lot for the winner to be one of those people who play a specific set of numbers over and over again, as having such a pattern would improve their chances of becoming the latest Spanish lottery millionaires.

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