Pick 6 Lottery Jackpot Crowns 16 Family Members Proud Winners of a Whopping $20 Million!

Pick 6 lottery jackpot

Pick 6 Lottery Jackpot Crowns a Dozen Plus Four Winners

Congratulations! We’ve got winners! Not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 16! When 16 people become millionaires, you take a minute to think why you, as an avid lottery player, weren’t part of the celebration. The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in millions and millions, but 16 people beat the odds? Amazing. Well, maybe you should stop playing alone and start playing in groups!

16 People Bank $20 Million from Pick 6 Lottery Jackpot

For a decade, sixteen siblings from New Jersey pooled money to buy lottery tickets, in an effort to hit the jackpot. The Enderson family, ranging in the age from 53 to 76, finally tasted the sweet nectar of their patience – a whopping $20 million from Pick 6 lottery jackpot. They went together to accept their big fat check from on New Jersey Lottery mid July 2014. The Enderson clan opted for a lump sum cash amount of approximately $10 million after taxes and they plan to share it among themselves and their late brother’s three children. They will also use the money to repair their homes that they lost in Sandy, send their children to college and preserve the legacy of their late mother – who had encouraged them to aim for the jackpot before passing away.

Pick 6 Lottery Jackpot and the Endersons

About 10 years ago the Endersons began pooling small bills together because their mother wanted them to invest in family bungalows at the shore. Unfortunately their mother died before she could see them happily bringing their check of $20 million home. When she died, she left behind some money in a pot which the Endersons invested in the Pick 6 lottery. The Enderson siblings therefore decided to preserve their late mother’s legacy and continued to pool money for the jackpot. And lucky for them, they won.

The Enderson family, despite their age, go to work every day like everyone else and they describe themselves as hardworking people. Their sister, Faith Schiabor stated that when her sister phoned to tell her that they had won $20 million from Pick 6 lottery, the feeling was indescribable! She couldn’t believe it, but when she learned that they won the lottery from their family pot, she was shocked! All in all, the Endersons finally tasted the sweet nectar of their 10 years of patience!


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