Mega Millions winner claims $85 Million Jackpot

Mega Millions

It is not always that the things you buy while shopping coming in handy. Buyer’s remorse will more often than not follow you for a few days until you promise not to buy anything buy impulse again even under pain of death. This however was not the case for Jin Ok Choi who has been announced as the winner of the mega millions $85 million jackpot.

She bought her ticket while shopping for wine. She said that she decided to buy a quick pick ticket when she saw how much the lottery jackpot was worth. Although she still claims to be in shock she has cleverly opted to taking her jackpot home as a lump sum. Most lottery players say any other way is for suckers and Choi is definitely not anyone’s fool.

She plans on buying a new Condo as she plans on how to spend the rest of her money.In South Tyrone the news is slightly different as a 1 million lottery winner announced on the 3rd of August is yet to come forward. It is not clear whether they do not know they have won or are just taking their time before coming forward.

UK Euromillions players automatically get entered into a millionaire raffle for every Euromillions line. The raffle selection is printed on the ticket and the holder of the GCR760097 is eagerly awaited. So be sure to check your tickets before you can them.
As the winning trend continues in lotteries everywhere, we wish you happy buying before the next draw of your favorite lottery.


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