Mega Millions Player Scoops $750,000 Tier Prize

Mega Millions winner

After almost a year of religiously purchasing Mega Millions lottery tickets, lady luck finally gave Maryland resident a ‘million dollar’ smile. Nicholas Ruth has been for the past year been a regular buyer of Mega Million Lottery tickets from a grocery store near his workplace.

He had got so used to purchasing tickets to the store that he frequently made trips lottery ticket retailer even on his off-days. One of the unscheduled visit to the store just because of a ‘gut’ feeling he had, finally paid off. The three tickets he purchased on that visit matched five of the six winning numbers to make him eligible for the quarter of a million dollar second tier prize.

The 19-year-old Townson resident is upbeat about the win and counts it as a blessing. Life has not been quite a bed of roses for him, considering that he had been battling with leukemia for the past seven years.  It is for this reason that he plans to donate part of the lottery fortune to a local cancer organization.

On how he further plans to use the rest of the cash, Nicholas plans to clear off his car debt and put the rest in the bank as he plans on viable investment opportunities. He is, however; still eager to see if he will be accepted for a law enforcement position he had applied earlier.

Onto other news, lottery officials estimate a €33 million jackpot prize for tonight’s Euromillions lottery draw. It will be interesting to see if this time round a player will match winning numbers from the draw or rollover to the next draw.


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