Snack Shack employees win Atlantic Lottery jackpot

Atlantic Lottery

The five winners who scooped the Atlantic lottery jackpot have been working at the Kentville diner for many years and their reputation precedes them. Clients return to this place over and over again, due to the fact that it has some of the best fish and chips in the county and an outstanding service. Now that the four employees and the owner are millionaires, one can only wonder what might happen to the diner as Wafaa Toulany announced that she plans on selling the business.

Over $15 million split by the Snack Shack girls

Stephanie Dunham, Joanne Gillis, Mary Rhynold, Valerie Archer and Wafaa Toulany were the five women that kept the Kentville diner running. With $50 million split equally among them, it is hard to believe that any of them will return to work or start looking for a new job. Much to their credit, the five winners pledged to keep the business running until a buyer is found, which is great news for the clients who enjoy spending their time here. The current owner told the media that she plans on buying a new home while selling the one she resides in, including the diner.

Her employees have no intention to linger regardless of who buys Snack Shack, but they have different plans on what to do with the new find fortune. Dunham won the Atlantic Lottery on her birthday, so it goes without saying that this is one of the best presents she ever got. Now that the winners don’t have to worry about financial issues anymore, they also intend on helping those in need, particularly close friends. Rhynold has a friend scheduled for lung transplant and with the procedure being imminent, she will need all the financial assistance she can get and the winner plans on providing her with the aid.

Another successful lottery syndicate

There is no shortage of people who play the Atlantic Lottery in groups, as they appreciate the upsides of paying lower amounts for a better chances to win. The five women have been buying tickets for many years and always chose the same numbers so they realize immediately that they won. The good news rarely comes alone and in this case, the Snack Shack girls didn’t have to wait 30 days before being awarded the prize. Luckily for them the winning ticket had the “Retailer Play” stamp on it which made it possible to cash in the money without delays.

The owner of the snack shack will receive an additional $152,000 which represents the 1% of the Atlantic Lottery jackpot, because the ticket was bought at their diner. Everything will change for the lucky winners, but those who love the excellent service and tasty meals served at Snack Shack will miss the staff.

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