The Ohio lottery winner is ready to make some donations

Ohio lottery winner

Every now and then, people who are hopeless and are frightened by what a new day might bring catch a lucky break and have a chance to change their lives forever. Regina Jackson was going through a rough patch after she lost her job, but the Reach Out Lakota foundation helped her cope with financial struggles. Their day to day aid was essential for the 60 years old and that’s why now when she is a millionaire, Regina wants to give something back to those who helped her in times of need.

One million dollars won in the Ohio Lottery New Year’s Raffle

The simple fact that she won the lottery shows that Jackson was an optimistic person, who despite her financial struggles found the resources to buy a lottery ticket. It was no wheeling system nor the purchase of a large number of tickets that helped her win the jackpot, but sheer luck and now she wants others to benefit from her good fortune. Reach Out Lakota is the first charity that she wants to donate to, which makes perfect sense since these guys were the most supportive ones.

Regina lives with her mother and since she was laid off, she had no money for food and basic necessities, something that the charity provided on a weekly basis. She knows better than most how badly Reach Out Lakota needs money to keep helping poor people and she intends to lend a helping hand. One million dollars are enough to change her life for the better and since she is a grounded person with reasonable expectations it is very likely for the money to last her a lifetime. Donating a part of the money won’t make a huge difference for the lottery winner, but will help others a lot.

Jackpot exceeds all expectations

When the cashier learned that Jackson won the jackpot she asked her how much did she think she won and the most optimistic answer was $1000. It is easy to assume how the lucky winner must have felt and the enthusiasm that overwhelmed her when sharing the news with her mother. After overcoming the initial shock and rejoicing, Regina made a list of charities that she intends to support financially.

One of them is the Faith Community United Methodist Church which was very helpful to her after she got laid off. Animal Friends Humane Society and Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic in Ohio are looking after animals in distress and these two organizations are also going to receive a generous donation. Regina is an animal lover and it makes perfect sense that she chose to help organizations that share her ideas and are willing to spend time and money for noble causes.


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