Health Lottery pledges to help the less fortunate

Health Lottery

A significant part of the money collected by lotteries as a result of ticket sales are directed to funding good causes and charities are among the top beneficiaries. The Health Lottery has been a staunch supporter of community groups in dire need of financing and the organization promises to increase its support even further. In the last 18 months, the lottery raised a total of £32 million for nonprofit groups and these accomplishments was recently celebrated at Claridge’s in central London.

Celebrities support the Health Lottery

It comes as no surprise that the lotteries pledge to help the less fortunate is equally popular with the broad audience and celebrities. Among the prominent people who attended the tea party ceremony were Simon Cowell, Gloria Hunniford, Richard and Joy Desmond. Gloria is the new ambassador for the Health Lottery and she will diligently work for promoting the games within the borders. British players are invited to put their luck to the test, knowing that this would be a win-win situation for both charitable organizations and winners.

The chief executive of the trust in charge of distributing the donations made by the Health Lottery nationwide, reminded those present about the importance of supporting these underfunded organizations. They were the first to suffer as a result of massive cuts, and with central and local authorities having little resources at their disposal, private organizations need to step up. It is nothing short of amazing how the Health Lottery succeeded in raising so much money in less than a year and a half, but the organizers are confident that the amounts will only increase in the upcoming months.

Health Lottery stays true to its name

In addition to diverting a significant part of its revenue towards charities, the lottery places the emphasis on mitigating the health inequalities existing in Britain. The World Health Organization released a report that confirms the fact that poor citizens have inadequate access to healthcare and as a result they live shorter and less pleasant lives. The numbers speak for themselves, and that’s why a significant part of the £32 million were spent for healthcare related projects.

Sid Owen and Gloria Hunniford will be the proud ambassadors for the Health Lottery and both of them reiterated their support for the cause doing the Claridge’s festivities. Among other celebrities who found the time to attend and emphasize the impact made by the Health Lottery were former Bolton football player Fabrice Muamba, singers Natasha Hamilton and Kimberley Walsh. The competition between the Health Lottery and the National Lottery is intense, and both organizations try to convince the audience that they’re happy to give something back to the community. This is great news for those in need, because they are the ultimate beneficiaries of these generous donations and the future looks bright.


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