£63.8 million Euromillions Jackpot prize remains uncollected


One of the jackpot winners from Friday’s Euromillions lottery draw is yet to step forward and claim their rightful share of the £127,675,087. The win was quite a memorable one considering that it was after rollovers from the last ten draws. Two tickets matched the winning numbers with one ticket purchased in Belgium while the other purchased in the UK.

The winning number combination from the draw was 5-11-22-34 and 40 with the lucky star numbers being 9 and 11. The winning lottery ticket holder from Belgium has stepped forward to claim the share of the jackpot, but the jackpot winner from the UK is yet to claim the lottery prize. Camelot is asking the UK Euromillion players to check and recheck their tickets.

Apart from the two jackpot winners, there were 24 tickets that matched the five main winning numbers plus one of the lucky star numbers. Each of the 24 tickets will scoop the £102,892 second tier prize. In addition to the second tier prizes, 38 tickets took home the £21,661 third tier prize. An overall 5,748,432 tickets won prizes from across all prize tiers.

With the jackpot win, the Euromillions Jackpot prize will go back to a basic of €15 million. Although not an astronomical figure, it is enough to totally transform the life of the lucky winner. To take part in the forthcoming draw, all that is required of you is purchasing a EuroMillions lottery ticket online.

Good luck while playing the lottery online.


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