Australian player wins lottery jackpot twice

Lottery jackpot

A Northcote resident won slightly more than $400,000 on March 9 while playing TattsLotto and his perseverance proved particularly rewarding one month later. A creature of habit, he chose to purchase the ticket from the same outlet that made him richer in March, and this time he won twice as much. Although the two prizes combined barely exceed $1 million, what makes this lottery story striking is the fact that the same player beat the odds twice in a bit over a month.

No secret recipe for success

The winner declined to reveal his identity and he was wise to do so, because the media attention that he would’ve enjoyed otherwise might have been overwhelming. It goes without saying that whenever someone achieves something so surprising, lottery enthusiasts and regular newspapers alike want to learn more. The Northcote resident gave some brief statements and confirmed the fact that he chose the particular lottery outlet for reasons that revolve entirely around the concept of convenience.

He didn’t say anything about using complicated lottery schemes, or relying to expensive lottery systems but explained his good fortune as a stroke of luck. In the wake of media conferences about people who won millions in lottery money, many lottery strategy and software vendors try to capitalize on their success. It is easier to market a bogus product when you claim that it was responsible for turning a regular person into a millionaire, especially when you focus on short-term gains. Before the winner gets the chance to say otherwise, these scam artists get their pockets full and move on.

The sky is the limit for the lottery winner

It comes as no surprise that the Australian player said that he intends to keep purchasing lottery tickets, and he will go to the same store to do it. A Danish proverb says that what happens once might happen twice, but what happens twice is bound to happen for the third time. Unlikely as it seems for the Australian to win another lottery jackpot, nobody can blame him for trying to beat the odds once more. The amount he won is not a life-changing one, but it should be more than enough to cover all immediate expenses and some burdening ones such as the mortgage.

In fact, the winner confirmed the fact that the first prize was used almost entirely to pay his family’s mortgage but he has other plans for the second prize. His wife found it hard to believe him when he told her that he won the lottery again, but she should have plenty of time to be convinced as they travel around the world. The Australian said that he intends to embark on an overseas holiday and with almost $1 million in his bank account nothing can stop him from doing exactly that.

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