Belgian punter wins 22.7 million euros on EuroMillions


The EuroMillions is a lottery open to players from many European countries, but we are used to hear about British citizen winning the jackpot. Whether they are the most dedicated players, or simply their numbers weigh heavier in the balance, this is the country that gave the most millionaires. Every now and then a player of a different nationality wins, and this was the time for a Belgian to cash in on the 22.7 million euros. The win came only a few weeks after a Frenchman broke the record for winning the lottery, by overtaking a countryman by €9 million.

A positive signal for Europeans

The fairness of the lottery was never in doubt, but it was easy for people from outside the United Kingdom to lose faith seeing how many players from the island won the jackpot. This is why it is so refreshing when someone living in a different country succeeds in winning the big prize and cashes in on the massive amount. Even though €22.7 million might not be a huge prize, at least not as far as to jackpots in the EuroMillions go, it is still not an amount to frown upon.

For the lucky Belgian it is a day that will be forever remembered with satisfaction, despite the fact this jackpot doesn’t represent the highest amount ever to be won in the national lottery. The record is held by a Belgian who scooped a jackpot of €100 million five years ago also in the EuroMillions. Although Belgium’s National Lottery is only organizing the pan-European game, the jackpot still remains a milestone that his countrymen will look forward to touch in the future.

A great day for vegan players

The winner was inspired enough to pick the lucky numbers, and fortunately for him there was nobody else to make the same decision, so he won’t have to split the prize with anyone. While this is only partially true, because the lottery will take a fair share of the winnings if the winner chooses to receive a lump payment. This is the most probable outcome, as this is how most lottery winners react but even so he will receive plenty of money to fulfill all his dreams.

One countryman was very fortunate as well, because despite failing to correctly predict all the numbers he still won €1.2 million. Overall this was a good day for Belgians and as usually happens after two people from the same country other than the United Kingdom win in the EuroMillions, the next draw sees an increase in the number of tickets sold. It might take a while until someone from outside the United Kingdom will match the record of €190 million won last summer by the British couple.


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