Biggest lottery draws around the world

Lottery Draws

It is the opinion of the World Lottery News that just the names of the lotteries of the world would fill an entire book. In the European Union it is the EuroMillions. The Powerball lottery is famous in the USA. The most popular lottery in Canada is the Lotto 649. In England it is the UK Lotto. Then there is the Irish lottery operated by An Post National Lottery and a part of the proceeds goes to a government fund for public service activities.

The South African National Lottery launched in the year 2000 has virtually changed the cultural mores of that country. South Africans are avid lottery players. Then World Lottery News has a look at the romantic Italians. It is called the SuperEnaLotto here and the Jackpot goes to an immense 177 million Euros.

Another European charmer noticed by the World Lottery News is the Spanish El Gordo. El Gordo means the fat one and it is not hard to see why. The Jackpot here is the world’s biggest with 2 billion Euros. In America, World Lottery News discovered three big lotteries in Mega Millions, Powerball and Sweet Million. The lottery ticket is everywhere and the desire to win fast money through lottery has been discovered by World Lottery News in all countries including India and China.


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