Camelot reveals Jackpot winners spending habits

Camelot, the UK national lottery operator, has released a study that looked into how lottery millionaires spend their lottery fortune. The recent lottery millionaires were the subject of the study and Camelot looked into how the lottery millionaires spent their cash or how they intended to spend their newly found fortune.

The first finding was that the lottery millionaires changed their residence within the three months of winning the lottery.  Statistically, about fifty percent of the lottery winners interviewed changed their residence after claiming their prize. This isn’t surprising considering all the unnecessary attention one gets after a lottery win and the need of personal security for the lottery winners families.

About 28% of the lottery winners increased their wardrobes while another 29% spent their cash on Jacuzzis.  To cover their security, about 25% of the lottery millionaires installed electric gates at their residences. About 22% of the winners went further on their security detail and buffered up their security through the purchase of guard hounds for their residences.

The lottery millionaires with a health agenda, went ahead to have personal gyms in their homes exclusively for fitness purposes. Thirty percent of the lottery winners made felt too rich for housework and consequently hired extra hands to deal with the house chores.

Generally, majority of the lottery millionaires decided to turn fully embrace their millionaire status and live a life of leisure. Trips to exotic destination and the purchase of luxurious sports vehicle featured in the list of what the lottery millionaires wanted to do with their cash.


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