Christmas could come early for those winning $36M in Mega Millions

Mega Millions Lottery

It might take a while until the record is broken, and although a $36 million prize pales in comparison with the huge jackpot of over $600 million won earlier this year, winners have no reason to frown upon this amount. Those who play the Mega Millions should take advantage of the rapidly rising jackpot and try to secure it, so that the winter holidays will come early for them.

Choose the annuity or cash price

There are many questions on the mind of those who win a huge lottery prize, and most of them revolve around what should be done with the money. The difference between theory and practice is considerable and although many claim that they will perform certain actions if they were to win the large prize, they changed their opinion immediately after actually winning. Depending on what they plan to do with the cash, they have to choose between receiving it all at once in a lump amount, or in the form of an annuity.

There are arguments for and against both of them, and the main downside of choosing the cash prize is that you will receive considerably less. For instance now that the jackpot is of $36 million, those who prefer to take it all in cash will only receive slightly above 27 millions. Add to this the fact that the money is subject to taxation, and it comes as no surprise that many winners think twice before opting in for this method that will bring the total amount well below 20 millions. An annuity implies the fact that the cash is released over a longer period of time, and unless you have immediate expenses this is a wise solution.

A closer look at recent results

What happened in the past might have no relevance for predicting future results, but this doesn’t prevent people from taking a closer look at recent results. Mega Millions winners from New Jersey stepped forward to claim their prize earlier this week, and chose to have the $250,000 prize released in one lump. The name of the winner is David Kaslow and for this lucky fellow from New Jersey, Christmas really came early this year.

Keeping track of recent numbers is something that has more to do with statistics then predicting what happens next. Nevertheless those who want to know which were the most recently drawn numbers will be pleased to hear that these were 10, 11, 20, 42, 55, while the Mega Ball number was 9. Players from 42 states get the chance to be the next lucky six and turn their lives around overnight, and now that the jackpot is as high as $36 millions, the change can really be dramatic.


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