Grants by Channel Island Lottery help charities

Channel Island Lottery

Channel Island Lottery seems to have done its bit to help charities in Guernsey. More than 30 charities have benefited from the grants given by the Channel Island Lottery. The money given out by a Channel Island Lottery came from its Christmas lottery proceeds.
A total amount of 231,000 pounds will be divided between 36 charities by the Association of Guernsey Charities.

The Channel Island Lottery is well known for its charitable works. Last year they handed out an amount of 60,000 pounds as grants to various charities. The biggest share of the cake went to Guernsey Cheshire Home, which got almost 20,000 pounds.

Second place was taken by Methodist Home for the Aged which got an amount of 18,690 pounds. That money was entirely used by the organization for replacing the call system at Maison L’Aumone.

Amongst other prominent charitable organizations which received grants last year from the Channel Island Lottery is an Amherst Primary School, which bought a new speaker with the money & Lihou Charitable Trust which used the money for buying a tractor.

Regarding the announcement of this year’s grant, Treasurer Malcolm Woodland seemed elated & he expressed his happiness by saying that he was happy to note that 2010 lottery draw had raised more money than they had hoped for. He also said that the grants of money given to the charity will help them carry out their functions in a much more effective way. He also expressed the hope that Channel Island will be able to give out such grants every year to the charities.


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