Jamaica Determined to Clean Country’s Image by Tackling Lottery Scams

Jamaican Lotto Scam

The popularity of international lottery is on the rise, and so are the scam attempts because the wrongdoers have access to an increasingly high number of players. Not all of them are aware of the dangers they expose themselves by interacting with people who promised them huge gains on lotteries they’ve never purchased tickets for. US citizens are among those targeted most often, and many of the perpetrators are located in Jamaica, a country that had its reputation tarnished by these scam artists. The authorities are now on a crusade to cleanse the country of this problem and clean its image.

Jamaica’s international image is suffering

The country tries to attract investors from all over the world, and it has programs that should appeal to these entrepreneurs, but few are willing to take chances in a place where scams are widespread. The State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade reconfirmed his determination of getting rid of all of these scammers who found in Jamaica a safe haven. The official claimed that the country is working on multiple levels to identify and punish those who take advantage of naïve lottery players.

It is quite unfortunate for the Caribbean country to be associated with those kind of scams that are more frequent in African countries, but due to weak reactions from the authorities, this is exactly what happened. The legal procedures within borders take a lot of time, and you might have doesn’t have the expertise to tackle this difficult issue alone, which explains why Jamaica works closely with international authorities. By introducing strict laws such as Proceeds of Crimes Act or the Anti-Money Laundering Act and being aided by the Interpol, the authorities hope to bring the perpetrators to justice and send a signal.

Preying on the weak and naïve

Not all scam artists are even worthy of this name, because when it comes to Jamaican crooks, many of them replace cunningness with threats and plain harassment. Their targets are usually elderly citizens who are not aware of the power of technology, and are more likely to believe far-fetched claims about winning jackpots in international lotteries. The wrongdoers sometimes have lists of people that were deceived in the past, and use them to extort money, sometimes even resorting to threats.

Once they get someone who and receive a payment, they never let go and they tried to convince their victims that they are constantly being watched, hence in danger. By using technologies as easily accessible as Google maps, they can convince their targets that they know everything about their neighborhood, house and way of living. In conjunction with relentless phone calls and aggressive e-mails, they intimidate many people and force them to give up their life savings.


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