Powerball Winners Must Remain Grounded to Avoid “Curse of the Lottery”

Powerball winners

In theory, winning a significant amount in the lottery, should change the lives of the lucky winners for the better. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of people who failed to properly manage the pressure caused by all of the media attention and succumbed to what some people call “the curse of the lottery”. Whether you believe or not in something like this, what is certain is the fact that those who fail to remain grounded after cashing in the jackpot, risk going down the slippery slope.

The true challenge for Powerball winners

All the hype that was created around the recent Powerball jackpot, which is the largest in the lottery’s history will surely have some impact on the two winners. Now that the second winning ticket was claimed by a couple from Dearborn MO, the question is what will Mark and Cindy Hill do in the upcoming months. Obviously, they will make some acquisitions such as a bigger home and a couple of cars, then travel abroad and visit the places they only dreamed of, but this is only the beginning.

Most lottery winners have no idea about how to manage their fortune, and some splash out without considering the consequences until it is too late. By taking everything for granted and spending lavishly, many of them are melting huge amounts until the remaining sum hits a critical level. When this happens, all that it takes is a string of bad decisions to sink even further and it is not unheard of lottery winners to end up broke. Lawsuits are a real problem for many of them, because there are always people who try to take advantage of their luck and in many cases they succeed.

Positive outlooks for the Hill family

In this particular case, the lottery winners appear to be people who have lived a rather balanced life and this gives reasons for optimism. The lucky couple has three adult children and one six-year-old that they have adopted from China, and one of the things they consider right now is to adopt one more. With so much money under their belt, there should be no problem in providing for their extended family, and the new child could give them purpose and distract them from what is arguably the most important moment in their lives.

There is plenty of money to go around and in their case the jackpot came at the best possible moment as Cindy was out of work and her husband worked as a mechanic. It is most unlikely that he will keep his job now that they have opted for the lump payment of $136 million, an amount that should last for many lifetimes.


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