Man finds winning $1M lottery ticket tucked in the console of his truck

Lottery ticket

Winning the lottery shouldn’t be the number one concern for people and the only hope of changing one’s life for the better. For Ramon Rodriguez this is an understatement, as the lucky winner of a $1 million ticket didn’t even bother to check his ticket for two months after the draw. The family man was busy with his daily job and didn’t pay too much attention to the lottery draw, and only the discovery of the ticket tucked in his truck’s console made him realize how lucky he is.

A healthy approach to lottery games

Unlike many others who are waiting for the lottery draw the entire week and regard their tickets as the Holy Grail, mister Rodriguez purchased the ticket and focused on his daily activities. The odds of winning the lottery are so small that it makes no sense to channel all your hopes and expectations around the weekly draws. Even though the Powerball is not your regular lottery and even the second tier prizes are considerable, the odds of actually winning something relevant are insignificant.

The 54-year-old man purchased the ticket from a Texaco gas station in Ellenwood and casually lodged it in the console of his vehicle.  This was the place where Ramon used to keep his tickets over the years and this is where he discovered it two months later. Surprised by the discovery, he checked out the numbers on his computer just to make sure he was not throwing away a winning ticket. What followed is suitable for a Hollywood movie, but fortunately for mister Rodriguez and his family it is all true.

Six lucky numbers for the Rodriguez family

Ramon could have easily checked the numbers without even looking at the ticket, as these were the birthdays of his wife and daughter. Still, when he realized that the numbers drawn on August 8 were exactly those birthdays he double checked before waking up his family. It was perhaps the happiest Tuesday night for the Rodriguez family and the following morning they went to cash in on their unexpected win.

It appears that two months ago there was another winner in the August 8 Powerball draw, with J.T. Willis winning a few hundred thousand dollars. The 72-year-old matched only five numbers, therefore his prize was significantly less but he cashed it in the next day and enjoyed the money ever since. Now that Ramon became aware of being a lottery winner, he has all the time in the world to improve his life and spend some quality time with his family.


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