Mistake Win for Life Spectacular Ticket Wins New York Man $10 Million

Win for Life Spectacular

Most people will call you incredibly lucky when you win the lottery. I think we may need to find a different word to describe what happened to New York native Jerry Kajfasz after he won a $10 Million jackpot off of the $20 Win for Life Spectacular scratcher.

On Jan. 18, Kajfasz entered the Depew One Stop convenience store in Depew, New York with the intention of purchasing multiple scratch-off tickets. Kajfasz initially asked the clerk to just hand pick seven different types of scratchers and had asked him to add a Set for Life scratcher to the mix. Kuljit Singh, the clerk and son of the owner of the store, mistakenly handed Kajfasz a Win for Life Spectacular card instead.

“I asked the clerk for a few different tickets and he went to hand me a Win for Life Spectacular ticket by mistake,” Kajfasz recalled.

Kajfasz felt that the $20 price tag on the Win for Life Spectacular ticket was a bit too steep so he handed the ticket back to Singh and went out to his truck to scratch off the seven that he had purchased.

After Kajfasz scratched off the seven tickets that he had purchased he realized that he had won about $25 from those tickets. So, after picking up the few extra bucks, Kajfasz decided to head back into the store and asked Singh to give him the Win for Life Spectacular ticket that he had previously given him by accident. What happened next is a lottery story for the ages.

The Greatest Lottery Mistake You’ve Ever Seen

Kajfasz scratched off the ticket while in the store and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had just won $10 Million dollars on a ticket that he almost didn’t even buy.

He described his reaction as, “Shocked,” and mentioned that he looked over the ticket a half dozen times before handing it to Singh to make sure he was seeing it right.

The first person Kajfasz contacted after the big win was his wife Anne, whom he has been married to for 30 years. Anne’s initial reaction was simply to say, ‘Oh, so you won again?’ That is, until Kajfasz rushed home to show her how much he actually had won.

He then contacted his children, Jackie and Frank, whom he will be sharing some of the winnings with.

Life After Winning the Win for Life Spectacular

Jerry decided to share 7% of the winnings with his kids, who are adults now. They will both receive 20 annual payments of $25,000 per year.

Jerry and his wife will take home 86% of the winnings and will get 20 annual payments of $450,000.

Kajfasz – who has worked for a printing company for almost 30 years – decided to retire after it was confirmed that he had won the $10 Million. He plans on using the money to take care of his family and take his mother on a trip to her native Poland.

How bout that for luck, if that’s what you call it…


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