Lottery Winner almost scammed out of winnings

Most of the time when you hear about a lottery scam, your mind shifts to an overseas crime ring seeking to scam unsuspecting lottery players. Unfortunately, as Fong Kwok, an avid Louisiana lottery player learnt, this isn’t always the case. The friendly staff at your local convenience store could be the ‘scammer’ who will try to rip you off what is rightfully yours.

Fong Kwok is an avid lottery player who religiously played the Louisiana lottery games with a hope that one day he will strike it rich. Fortunately, lady luck smiled on her Mega Millions lottery ticket matched four of the main winning numbers plus the Mega Millions number. This entitled her to a $10,000 prize.

Just like any other lottery player, she was ecstatic about her luck and wasted no time heading to her favorite convenience store to validate her ticket. Unfortunately, not everyone was ‘ecstatic’ about her winning. One of the store workers saw that this was the perfect opportunity for him to swindle off the poor lady of her money. The worker went ahead and informed her that her winning ticket was worth a mere $3.

Although disappointed, Fong naively accepted the news and left the ticket at the store. The staff member took the ticket into his possession and cashed it in. Luckily, Fong had stuck to her old tradition of always signing off any lottery ticket she bought. Consequently, the convenience store worker was nabbed when he tried cashing in the winning ticket.

Later the Louisiana lottery officials tracked down Fong and she received her winning. On how she plans to spend the $10000, Fong plans to take a vacation to Disneyland or SeaWorld. While she will be having her first vacation in four years, the worker is currently facing fraud related charges and could be a guest of the state for up to 20 years.



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