Queensbury Powerball syndicate wins $1 million ticket

Powerball syndicate

A waitress and 19 coworkers from the Ninety Nine restaurant in Queensbury New York, decided to pool money together and create a Powerball syndicate. Each of them spent no more than four dollars and acquired a total of 40 Powerball tickets, with one of them making them $1 million richer after the group matched five numbers. The money would be equally divided among the 20 winners, and after taxation each of them is expected to receive a bit over $30,000.

20 dreams fulfilled in one draw

Lottery winners have different ideas about how to splash out, so it comes as no surprise that the 20 coworkers who created the Powerball syndicate have diverse plans for the $30,000. What makes their victory so impressive is the fact that they set up the group one week ago, hence the return on investment is considerable. The employees have no intention of quitting their jobs, and given the fact that the amount won is not a huge one, especially divided among 20 winners, this appears to be the right choice.

In a matter of days, their bank accounts will be credited with their rightful prizes, and in between the winners have plenty of time to celebrate. Some of them told the media that they intend to take a vacation, something that could bring the Ninety Nine restaurant to a screeching halt if the 20 winners don’t agree on the date. Among other investments are cars and home improvements, with some of the winners being adamant in their decision to spend most of the money to settle outstanding debts.

Lottery critics voiced their opinions

Whenever a Powerball syndicate or individuals win a jackpot, lottery players have their confidence levels boosted by this fortunate event. This explains why lottery sales increase in the upcoming weeks, a trend that is very similar to what happens prior to huge jackpots created as the result of several rollovers. At the same time, lottery critics don’t waste any opportunity to voice their opinions about the games and don’t hesitate to call them a “regressive tax on the poor”. Their arguments revolve around the idea that most lottery players are people who don’t have alternatives and regard it as the only way out of financial woes.

It goes without saying that those who organize the lotteries always end up on the right side of profit, but the same cannot be said about regular players. Many go through seemingly endless losing streaks and keep playing because they want to keep the dream alive and accept the crushing odds. The return on investment is just a bit $.50 for each dollar, which makes it very difficult to argue with the critics, at least from a mathematical perspective. At the same time, players will always find ways to play and reasons to keep going and a Powerball syndicate is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

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