The identity of Powerball jackpot winner finally revealed

Powerball jackpot winner

Three days after lottery officials announced that the $338 million was won, Pedro Quezada aged 44 stepped forward to claim his prize. He went to the Eagle Liquor store, the same place where he bought the ticket and ran it through the machine to confirm that it was the winning one. This formality was the last required step en route to claiming one of the largest Powerball lottery jackpots ever awarded. What makes this particular winner special is that he has a humble background and for the Dominican immigrant this prize is bound to radically change his life.

Family comes first for Powerball jackpot winner

The Dominican Republic immigrant said that the main priority is to help his family and this means more than the closest relatives that came with him to the United States. Pedro Quezada lives 15 miles away from New York City, in an area where other Dominicans reside and is well known by his neighbors. Given the fact that they share similar backgrounds and stories, the residents know each other fairly well and all have only good things to say about the Powerball jackpot winner.

Described as a hard working man who leaves home early in the morning and returns late in the evening, Pedro tried over the course of time to build a brighter future for his family. While the neighbors and his relatives confirm the fact that the results met expectations and the Quezada family lived a happy life in the United States, the recently won jackpot has opened new windows of opportunity. Like most of his countrymen who came to the US in search of a better life, Pedro Quezada is not fluent in English so his statements were rather brief and he preferred to speak in Spanish.

Keeping the dream alive paid off

For the Dominican immigrant work and family came first and the Powerball jackpot was perhaps nothing more than a dream worth keeping alive. Fortunately for Pedro and those close to him, he found the time and money to spend $2 for a ticket and this brought him a fortune. The neighbors say that they are happy for him, because he is a down-to-Earth person and a reliable neighbor despite being a bit shy and quiet. Working more than 12 hours per day explains his lack of time for conversation and this situation is common for most of the immigrants living in that area.

The Powerball jackpot winner has five children and the money will surely be directed towards setting up a solid foundation for the youngsters. Everything from college education to the small things that make life better are now within reach and if Pedro is the devoted family man than his neighbors describe him to be, they children won’t miss a thing. The only question now is whether he will choose the lump payment of the annuity.

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