Cashier sells herself Powerball winning ticket

Powerball winning ticket

Sometimes good things come to those who wait, but more often it is the action of determined individuals that leads to remarkable results. For a convenience shop cashier in Doniphan, this statement rings particularly true as she made a decision that will probably change her life. After selling lottery tickets to tens of thousands of customers over many years, she decided that it is time to put her luck to the test. What followed is both surprising and uplifting as it turned out that the cashier sold a Powerball winning ticket worth $1 million to herself.

Powerball jackpot sets new record

Mary Jane Hart was inspired by the fact that the jackpot soared to new highs and everyone expected it to climb above $600 million. This would have represented a new all time high in the lottery’s history, not to mention that the amount would have crossed a very meaningful threshold. In the end, the prize fell $10 million short of that value, but even so the lucky Florida resident who scooped the prize is now officially the wealthiest lottery winning in history. Last year, the jackpot was divided between two players, while the record setting Mega Millions jackpot of $656 million was shared by three players.

The lottery cashier couldn’t resist the temptation of purchasing a ticket for herself, despite knowing all too well that the odds of winning were 1 in 175 million. She confessed that she is not a fervent lottery player, but this time she thought that nothing bad could happen if she were to give it a try. That’s why when she arrived at her workplace at Hartland Pit Stop, the first thing she did was to purchase a ticket.

Consecutive lottery winnings

Mary bought the Powerball winning ticket just one week after scooping a far lower prize in another lottery draw, so she got the feeling that she is free rolling. Using lottery winning to buy tickets made the decision much easier, but this time she scored a big hit and won much more than the meek $500 prize. When checking her numbers against the winning ones she realized that her initial assumption was wrong and she had just joined the select club of lottery millionaires.

She believed that the Powerball winning ticket was only worth $10000 when in fact she got 100 times more. The numbers Mary chose to play are the ones of Nascar drivers and she confessed that she had this habit ever since she bought the first lottery ticket years ago. Despite her newfound wealth would allow her to take a lengthy vacation or even quit her job, she told the media that she has no such intention. She tends to get bored if she doesn’t work, so Mary will return to work after cashing in her prize.

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