Connecticut Store Sells a $254M Lottery Ticket

Connecticut Store Sells a $254M Lottery Ticket

It was a usual Tuesday morning when Tim Davidson is seen entering the store at BP gas station in McGee Avenue in Stamford to grab his coffee. Employees of the store already know the morning routine of Davidson after coming down from his condominium almost every day. They know that he would always purchase a hot coffee, but never spend a dollar for a lottery ticket.

At the counter, Ranjit Singh had pointed out to Davidson the store’s encouragement for customers to buy a lottery ticket from them. This is also to emphasize to him that the jackpot prize is already $254M. It clearly says, “You can’t win if you don’t play.” Davidson was hesitant to buy as he knows he does not stand a chance of winning. But since it costs only a dollar and he has the same in his hands, he buys a ticket and let the computer choose his numbers. The date was November 1, 2011.

Several days have passed after the winning numbers were drawn. One winning ticket was tracked and announced to have been bought in Connecticut but no claimant yet.

BP gas station employees were doing their usual routine until Singh, the man at the counter, recognized the guy on TV claiming the Powerball jackpot prize of $254M. All of the employees at the gas station confirmed the guy on TV and so Singh went to inform his boss.

Davidson decided not to claim the prize alone. Together with two other asset managers, they went to Rocky Point and get the prize due to them. Owners of the BP gas station do not mind at all how their regular customer preferred to claim the prize. They are at least the luckiest store in Connecticut to have sold the biggest prized ticket, thus very grateful for receiving $100,000 lottery bonus for their store.


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