Dibs on New York Lotto

new york lotto

The New York Lotto drawing numbers for last Saturday was 9-17-19-44-46-53 and the bonus number was 7. Last Saturday, the 26th of November saw a rolling jackpot. Then next drawing is going to be on the 30th of November and the next jackpot is for $10.5 million.

This 26th November, a Saturday was a dull day for New York Lotto ticket owners, and did not see any jackpot or second place winners. The first prize was slated for $10 Millions if all 6 numbers were matched. The second place was for a good $61,005 if the first five numbers and the bonus numbers matched. Luckily the third prize was won by 11 people who received a decent $2.114.

The drawing days for New York Lotto are Wednesday and Saturday and the drawing time is 11:21pm EST. On a $1 play the chances of winning the New York lotto is 1:22,528,737, while it is a lot easier to win the second and third prizes.

The largest New York lotto jackpot was a whooping $65 million and was won by a lucky individual way back in 2007. The smallest jackpot was won recently on the 8th of October 2011 for $ 3 Million. An average jackpot that can be won with the New York Lotto is $13.8 million. A little known fact is that there have been almost 989 lotto jackpots that were won since the June of 2002, which is amazing given the chances of winning.


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