Ex-Prisoner Won the Illinois Lottery Biggest Jackpot for a Whopping $265 Million

Illinois Lottery Biggest Jackpot Winner

Jesus Davila Jr. – Wins Illinois Lottery Biggest Jackpot

This might come as a surprise and you might even question the existence of the Lady Luck, but well, maybe he deserved it. So this is the story of Jesus Davila Jr., an ex-prisoner from Naperville, who served 12 years in prison after being convicted for a drug. No, he didn’t go back to jail or something; he in fact won the largest lottery prize in Illinois history for a whopping $265 million! Yeah, that’s a huge, huge amount, and he opted to take home a lump sum of a staggering $178 million. The 70 year old won the fortune after spending $5 on a Quick Pick lottery ticket (yeah strategy anyone? Software?) from Bucky’s Express in Glendale Heights in January this year. By the way, Bucky’s Express will receive $500,000 for selling the winning ticket mid-January this year!

What does he want to do with the lottery money? He said he’ll share it with his family, donate some and finally buy a lawn mower! For a man who was convicted of a drug felony, this does come as a huge surprise as well as an enormous change of fortune! Davila’s spokesman called Robert Kolt said,

“It was a long time ago. He paid his debt to society. He’s a good person, and anyone can win the lottery.”

Jesus Davila Jr., was quoted saying,

“You can’t win if you don’t play. I’m just a regular Joe. I would also like to buy a big house with a really big lawn … and a riding lawn mower!”

When Davila purchased his ticket, he initially thought he won $1 million because according to him, only five numbers matched. It was only when he showed his son the ticket that he realized that it wasn’t $1 million, it was a lot, lot more! According to others who know him, they think that the Davila family would move out and that they won’t be living in Naperville for long. Davila’s neighbor, Dwayne Blunt said,

“I don’t know him well, but I see him out walking his dogs, and he always waves. He seems like a pretty laid-back, mellow guy. It’s a lot of money.”

You bet it is! We wish Davila all the best!!


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