Lottery Syndicate win Irish lotto jackpot

This was the best time for the workers at one of the best -known building supply companies in Dublin.  The workers kept down their tools and decided to visits the National lottery headquarters to pick up their grand prize. The workers had won a jackpot worth € 3 million. The workers were in full of joy as they matched to claiming their grand prize.

The group of workers from the Chadwick building company had 21 members syndicate. It is expected that each member will a total of € 140,000 after the grand prize is claimed. This is quite a good amount to each of the workers.

The foreman, Dave Hanley was the one who coordinated the purchasing the jackpot ticket on weekend. He took lead of the congregation to claiming their prize. He walked away from the busy workers and went to purchase the ticket which had the winning digits

Most of the workers had different opinion on how they were going to spend their prize. Most of the workers are considering on putting up parties, paying their bills, paying their mortgages and helping their families. The ticket was bought at the Centra store on Thomas Street. This ticket was purchased as the as a second trial after the foreman was had purchased some other tickets from a different retail shop which dint succeed.

The winning number for the jackpot numbers were 13, 25, 26,41,42,43 and 8 for the jackpot number.


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