Lucky Dip ticket lifts couple from financial woes

Lucky Dip ticket

Adam Young and Tracey Tyler were running out of options for paying their rent and were heavily struggling with financial issues. Despite their dire situation, they found the resources necessary for purchasing a Lucky Dip ticket for the upcoming lottery. This decision proved to be a very inspired one, because a couple of days later they were £5.8 million richer and all money related troubles were behind them. The two winners are in their 30s and with their bank accounts loaded, they are now financially independent and can satisfy pretty much any desire.

The perfect time for winning the lottery

The two winners used to ask their family for financial support whenever the rent was due, because they simply ran out of money. The situation was equally stressful and frustrating, and the fact that they needed to provide for their two young children only aggravated matters. What makes it even more fortunate is that the two of them chose to play the lottery at this particular time, because Adam was out of work and money would’ve lasted for just a couple of weeks.

There was no concrete plan about how to pay the rent in the next of months and the best the uncouple thought of was to ask family and friends for assistance. It is never easy to ask for help especially when what you need is money to pay the rent, but there was simply no alternative for Adam and Tracy. If they hadn’t purchased the Lucky Dip ticket, the two of them would’ve been pretty much doomed because the only source of income after Adam was laid off, would’ve been Tracy’s child minder salary.

The burden of rent lifted forever

Now that they have several millions in their bank accounts, the two winners will no longer be concerned with petty expenses such as rent. In fact the two of them can easily purchase a nice property and become owners instead of paying a fixed amount every month to the landlord. There are several other expenses on the horizon and one of them will be caused by the replacement of their old Citroen Saxo. The plan is to purchase a brand-new Range Rover Vogue, which the lucky couple regards as an excellent choice for a family with small children.

All those who win the lottery usually splash out and Tracy and Adam make no exception, although they are more moderate than some of their counterparts. After they will cash in their Lucky Dip ticket, the two of them plan on applying for a passport and then go on a safari, somewhere in Kenya. Former problems are behind them now and with their newfound wealth, their priorities will inevitably shift, although the winners claim that they won’t let the money change them thoroughly.

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