Illinois internet players rush to buy online lottery tickets

Illinois Lottery

Illinois lottery players are excited about the new development that allows them to purchase the state lottery tickets online. Just minutes after the state start selling the online tickets, players logged onto the Illinois state lottery website and started purchasing the tickets. The first ticket was sold at 7:03 am, a record three minutes after the official rolling out of the online Illinois lottery.

The sales had topped to $5000 after the purchase of about 600 lottery tickets. Lottery officials expect the sales to increase exponentially as players will be playing for the $356 Million Mega Millions draw. Sales are expected to continue until the Tuesday Mega Millions draw.

Lottery official were also very excited about the developments. They touted that online lottery was inevitable and is the solution to the state’s budgetary crisis. The Illinois online lottery became a reality after the Federal Court decided to reverse a previous ruling they made about internet gambling.

The lotto and the Mega Millions are the only games available for online playing. However, lottery officials added that plans to add more games such as the Powerball were underway. Several measures were put in place to avoid the underage gambling.

Players had to key in the social security number before purchasing the online tickets. Winners of more than $600 have to personally file a claim to prove that they are legally allowed to play the Illinois lottery. So far, the Illinois lottery has contributed more than $17 Billion to the state. With the advent of the online lottery, revenue to the state is expected to increase.

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