Man Wins $3 Million on Friday the 13th

Illinois Lottery Winner

It is a widespread western superstition that Friday the 13th the unluckiest day in the calendar. However, Harold Gibson describes the date as the ‘“Luckiest Friday the 13th of my life.” This is because on that ‘unlucky’ day he won a whopping three million dollars from the Illinois state lottery.  He won the huge amount through a Millionaire Second-Chance ticket he bought from a local liquor store.

He at first underestimated the amount as he too found it difficult that one could hit a jackpot on such a day. Later, Patel, the liquor store owner made him aware of the reality.

“Harold came in one day, I think it was a (Friday) morning,” Patel recalled, “and he showed me his paperwork and said, ‘Is this $300,000?’ And I said, ‘No, dude — that’s $3 million.’”

They later contacted the Illinois lottery officials and cashed in the winning ticket. To be eligible to claim a lottery prize, Illinois lottery players have to be announced to the public. Therefore, it culminated with a mini ceremony where the Illinois lottery handed over the usual oversized cheque to Harold. The liquor store will also receive $30,000 as commission for selling the winning ticket.

Harold describes himself as ‘lucky’ as prior to the winning he had won several amounts in the Illinois lottery. He plans to purchase a house with an in-ground pool as spoils of his winnings. He also plans to donate 10% of his winnings to charity.

The lottery is a game of chances. It doesn’t matter where you are playing from or who you are to win the lottery, only luck.  Test your luck, play lottery online today.


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