Minnesota Debuts Lottery Ticket Sales at Gas Station Pumps, ATMs

Lottery tickets

Lottery games have changed very little over the course of time, and while the rules have remained essentially the same, the game mechanics are about to change. Minnesota is at the forefront of innovation and the state could be the first one to introduce a 21st century system that will greatly simplify the procedure of purchasing lottery tickets. Players no longer have to have on them the tickets, because they can be now purchased at any gas station or ATM, in electronic format. The numbers are sent to their cell phone as a message text and the lower prizes are automatically credited to their bank accounts.

Purchase lottery tickets hassle free

The quick pick feature has been already very popular among lottery players who don’t want to lose time by going over several tickets and marking the numbers manually. As long as they don’t have any misconceptions or superstitions, this function kicks the process of playing the lottery into overdrive but it is now clear that there is always room for better. The system introduced in Minnesota eliminates the risk of forgetting the numbers or losing the lottery slip and makes it unnecessary to wait in line.

The lottery Executive Director who promoted this system said that the idea behind it is to meet the customer half way. He reminded players that this is the first time ever when such a system is used and the goal is to expand the project to as many as 27 ATMs and plenty of gas stations. The terminals will be present in bars, DMV locations and restaurants, for the convenience of lottery players.

Aid is on its way

Those lottery players who are worried about how complicated this new system might be, will rejoice knowing that in the initial stages of the project, lottery ambassadors will lend a helping hand. These are highly trained professionals that will guide prospective ticket buyers, and teach them how to use the touchscreen features. Although it might be a bit difficult in the beginning, for everybody to get familiar with the new system, it is obvious that this is an excellent strategy in the long run.

Players will need a debit card and drivers license, while the cell phone will also be required for the numbers to be sent in the form of a text message. A service fee of one dollar is applied and players need to acquire a minimum number of free tickets but since time is money these days, this insignificant amount is worth paying. Players are going to receive a text message if they win, while those who have a gambling problem can have their credit card exempt from play to avoid falling off the wagon.


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