National lottery launches second phase of Ad Campaign

National Lottery

After the successive ‘The National Lottery – Life Changing’ campaign, Camelot has decided to roll out the next phase of the ad campaign. The ad campaign was developed with the specific objective of demonstrating to the national lottery players from all over the world how it is thankful for their contribution to the forthcoming London Olympics.

The first phase of the ad campaign brought in £750 million in contribution towards the games. The national lottery players overwhelming response towards the Olympic themed lottery games has made it possible for Camelot to achieve its £2.2 billion to the London Olympics organizing committee. The pledge makes Camelot the single largest sponsor of the ‘greatest show on earth’.

Camelot also plans to use the ad campaign to promote greater awareness of how playing the National Lottery goes a long way in the uplifting the lives of many UK residents. The ad campaign will enjoy a wide coverage starting from the television, social media websites and across the over 29,000 national lottery outlets.

Camelot has already developed an emotive advert that is set to hit the television screen soon. The advert features Britain’s 800m runner Jenny Meadows as she narrates how the contribution of the lottery players has enabled her achieve her long time ambition of being in the Olympics.  Camelot expects that the ad campaign will significantly increase the number of UK residents playing the lottery.

On the UK lotto, Camelot estimates that the midweek lotto draw will have a £2.2 jackpot prize. It will be interesting to see of the players will beat the 1 in 13.9 Million odds and match the winning numbers from the draw.



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