Coincidence gives couple double of their lottery win

Lottery Winning Couple

A couple from the UK accidentally purchased two winning lottery ticket to win £96,527. This is after 52-year-old John Ord bought a lotto ticket to the weekend’s draw and his wife Karen, buying a lotto ticket from the same lottery game. They followed their tradition of playing their favorite number combination that was composed of numbers from their birthday dates.

As luck would have it, the numbers on each of their lottery ticket matched the winning numbers and this made them scoop £96,527 from each of the ticket. The winning numbers from the draw were 16, 18, 20, 25, 29 and 34 with the bonus ball number being 15.

The couple together with their two sons is very excited about the winning. John attributes the win to a blessing from his dad who died of cancer six years ago. On how they will spend their lottery fortune, the couple is eyeing for a new car and treating the family to a vacation in an exotic destination.

Still in the UK, Carl Nordmann an avid Euromillions player is devastated after he found out that he missed winning the epic Euromillions jackpot prize by a whisker. For the last two years, Carl had entered for three lines in his ticket, but due he was unable to afford the extra two pounds for the third line in the Tuesday lottery draw.

To his disbelief, the number combination he had played for in his third line came up as the winning number from the draw. Although, utterly disappointed, Carl plans to continue with his tradition of playing the EuroMillions lottery.



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