PowerBall Lottery Jackpot Soars to 250 Million Dollars

The Powerball rolls over again

Yes, you had it right the popular Powerball lottery is now at $250,000,000. The Jackpot has rolled over again as no players matched the winning numbers. Powerball lottery has grown by a recorded 50 million dollar from the last week draw, which had made it stand at 200 million dollars.

The illusive Powerball winning numbers were 15 – 23 – 43 – 45 and 56. The extra Powerball number was 07. Since December 28, no Powerball player has been lucky enough to match the winning numbers. This has made the Powerball lottery jackpot to roll over 12 times. From the looks of things, the next Powerball millionaire will walk home with one of the largest Powerball jackpot prize to be won.

The Powerball will offer two options on the current jackpot. The first is taking home annuity payments that will be spread across 29 years. The other is taking home a lump sum of approximately 156 million dollars. Winning the lottery is primarily based on chance. You may never know if you are the one who will walk home with the 14th largest jackpot in the history of the Powerball.

You do not have to head to your local vendor to buy a ticket. Technological advancement has made it possible for Powerball players to purchase lottery tickets through the Internet from the comfort of their homes. Be adventurous and try your luck at the Powerball lottery, you never know if you are the next Jackpot winner.


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