Tragedy hits lottery winner and his family

Lottery winner

Winning the lottery jackpot should be a reason for joy and unbridled enthusiasm, but unfortunately for Urooj Khan and his family, this only brought misfortune. The winner was found dead the day after claiming the prize and the investigators determined that he was the victim of cyanide poisoning. While the criminal investigation is ongoing, the surviving relatives are involved in a bitter fight for his estate. The family was torn apart by his death and relatives accuse each other of being behind his murder, while fighting a battle on many fronts to get a slice of his $2 million assets.

The absence of a will further aggravate matter

Urooj Khan died one night after having dinner with his family and he didn’t leave a will, therefore making it very difficult for the surviving heirs to receive his assets. His sister filed an emergency motion that led to the freezing of her brother’s business assets and the new hearing will be held next month. It looks like the deceased had signed a deal with his partner a few weeks before passing away, and under this deal half of his venture would go to his widow.

The conflict between the widow and his sister is reignited and the letter claims that the validity of the contract is null, given the fact that no witnesses were present when the deal was signed. Accusations galore has torn the family apart and everyone is suspicious about the intentions of those who are now rivals. His sister went as far as to accuse the widow of intending to keep the lottery profits to herself instead of sharing it with Khan’s daughter. With Ansari trying to prove her sole ownership of their home, it looks like some of the claims made by the sister could be at least partially true.

The police continues the investigation

Why the family is busy fighting for his assets and estate, the investigators diligently work on determining who killed the lottery winner one year ago. It is certain that he was poisoned by cyanide and the sister of the deceased was the one to raise the alarm flags, suggesting that the wife might be the one responsible. She was questioned by the detectives but denied any implication in the tragedy and was not accused of any crime.

The authorities said that they have no intention of letting go what is a pending homicide investigation and are confident that in the end the truth will surface. Ever since concerns were raised about the lottery winner’s death, new evidence was found and the authorities even resorted to exhumation in an attempt of shedding more light on this case. Unfortunately the body was so badly decomposed that the medical examiner found nothing useful and the police would have to use whatever evidence it previously collected.

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